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CoGripedia your encyclopedia of terms used in the industrial flooring industry.

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Laser Screed Floor Construction
VNA Floor Flatness Testing with the FACE Digital Profileograph
Narrow Aisle (VNA) Floor Grinding with the Laser Grinder

CoGripedia is a knowledge hub dedicated to the world of flooring. Founded by the CoGri Group consortium, it is an encyclopaedia of words and phrases used in the concrete industrial flooring industry and related sectors including Logistics and Materials Handling.

As world leaders in the provision of industrial flooring solutions and with almost 25 years experience in the business, the CoGri Group's vision is for CoGripedia to be the trusted knowledge hub, providing users with access to information they need, in one place, from industry jargons to technical terms, irrespective of their level of understanding of the industry.

We are very excited about where CoGripedia is heading and remember you can keep up to date with what we are doing via our social media pages and RSS (see top right of page) or sign up to our newsletter using the link below to receive our email alerts!

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