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Curing Blanket


A blanket is an insulative layer used to retain heat and moisture in concrete during curing.

Technical Information

It is important to regulate the curing conditions of a concrete slab. Failure to do so can lead to serious structural and aesthetic problems in the long run. A blanket is a vital tool with which good curing can be achieved. Either waterproof or permeable blankets can be used, depending on the requirements of the situation.

Using blankets can:
  • Reduce the risk of thermal cracking or curling in cold weather as they reduce the temperature gradient in the slab by reducing heat loss from the surface.
  • Reduce the risk of plastic shrinkage as they reduce the rate at which moisture is lost from the surface.
  • Increase the rate of strength gain in the concrete in cold weather as they maintain a higher temperature within the concrete, causing hydration to happen more quickly.



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