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November 28, 2016Jointless FloorJJointless Floor - Floor constructed in large panels without intermediate joints.
June 21, 2016Floor MaintenanceFA pro-active approach to floor maintenance during the lifecycle of the floor slab can help improve operation performance and prevent expensive and tim
June 21, 2016Dilapidation SurveyDA Dilapidations Survey, or Condition Report, is a comprehensive survey carried out to record the condition of an existing concrete floor slab.
June 21, 2016Base SpecificationBIn concrete industrial flooring, a base specification is a document given by the Client to the slab’s designers which gives details of what is require
June 20, 2016Yield StrengthYYield Strength of a material is the amount of stress it can take before it begins to deform plastically.
June 20, 2016WorkabilityWThe workability of a concrete mix relates to its ability to be transported, placed and consolidated without excessive segregation. It can also mean th
June 20, 2016Wide Bay PourWWide bay pours are an increasingly common method of constructing an industrial concrete floor where a Defined Movement flatness classification is requ
June 20, 2016Wearing SlabWA wearing slab is a structural concrete element providing a flat and level wearing surface to withstand loads, heat and vibration.
June 20, 2016Wash Out TestWThe wash out test is a field test carried out to determine the concentration of steel fibre reinforcement in a concrete batch.
June 20, 2016WallWThe main function of a wall is to provide shelter to the interior of the structure from the outdoor elements. In modern structures, they do not usual
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