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Dilipidation Survey


A Dilapidations Survey, or Condition Report, is a comprehensive survey carried out to record the condition of an existing concrete floor slab.

Technical Information

Dilapidations Survey’s are commonly carried out to determine the condition of the floor slab including the noting of wear and tear, stains, contamination, etc before:

A new tenant comes into a building;

  • The building is sold;
  • Refurbishment works are planned for the building;
  • Work starts on an adjacent building where there is the potential that any construction or demolition work could impact on the building.

They provide a detailed record on the condition of the floor slab and prospective purchasers or tenants should check the condition of the floor before entering into an agreement. The surveys range from surface condition through to full structural investigations and analysis, to provide all the necessary information for the due diligence process.

An assessment of an existing concrete floor will focus on four main aspects:

  • Joints;
  • Durability;
  • Flatness;
  • Loading;

These aspects can determine the success of any floor in an operational environment. A visual conditional survey will indentify the condition of the floor surface and joints, with flatness and loading requirements being subject to the current or intended use of the floor. The results provided by the survey, is also useful when planning floor maintenance strategies.

The surveys have a considerable legal importance, as it can protect builders, previous tenants and previous owners against erroneous claims that they have caused damage to a structure. They can also be used to ensure maintenance jobs have been complied with in accordance with the contract.

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