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Epoxy Mortar


Epoxy Mortar is a high strength epoxy resin based mortar for the repair of joints and surface defects on concrete floor slabs.

Technical Information

Epoxy Mortar
Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy resin based mortars, such as CoGri Arris Repair Mortar; provide concrete repairs of the highest mechanical properties, and are extremely durable and ductile.

They also promote high values of compressive, tensile and flexural strength, in addition to being resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Once the epoxy mortar has been mixed and applied it is stable to freezing and thawing.

The working surface requires to be primed with a product such as CoGri Bondcoat prior to application of the mortar.

With a relatively quick setting time and early strength gain, epoxy mortar is ideal for making repairs on concrete slabs in situations where the slab needs to be returned to service as soon as possible.



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