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Fabric Mesh Reinforcement


Steel Fabric Reinforcement is made up of steel bars placed at regular centres in perpendicular directions to create a mesh of steel bars. These steel bars are typically 6 to 12mm in diameter and placed at between 100 and 400mm centres. 

Technical Information

The size of bars and centre to centre distances vary depending upon local standards.

In the UK the standard sizes are covered by the table below. 

Fabric Mesh Reinforcement Table
Fabric Mesh Reinforcement Table

In ground supported slabs mesh reinforcement should be placed in the bottom of the slab between 50 and 40mm cover. Here the mesh provides and enhancement to the moment resistance of the slab.

The size of the mesh is dictated by the slab thickness and the moment capacity required (when placed in the bottom of the slab). The size of the mesh should be such that the cross sectional area of the mesh is between 0.1-0.125% of the total cross sectional area of the slab. For example in a 175mm thick slab the mesh size used in the UK would be A193.

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