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Floor Maintenance


A pro-active approach to floor maintenance during the lifecycle of the floor slab can help improve operation performance and prevent expensive and time consuming repairs being required in the future.

Technical Information

Concrete industrial floors will inevitably be subject to wear and tear during their service life. Detecting and dealing with any defects at an early stage will help reduce floor maintenance costs. Hard wheeled materials handling equipment  (MHE) that operate on a concrete floor are known to cause impact damage, particularly to the arris edges of the floor joints.

The following areas should be regularly checked:

  • Condition of the floor joint arris edges
  • Condition of joint sealants
  • Condition of floor surface or any coatings applied
  • The cleanliness of the floor
  • Monitoring any cracks that develop
  • Monitoring any abrasion which occurs

Generally, the earlier a problem is sorted out, the cheaper it will be to fix.

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