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Long Strip Construction


Long strip floors are laid in a series of strips typically 4-5 metres in width.

Technical Information

The length of the strips is usually only restricted by the size of the building or the contractors ability to place concrete continuously.

Each side of the strips formed free movement joints are used, these are often removable formwork however if the joint is trafficked and armoured system can be used to protect the arris.

Joints are sawn transversely across each strip at up to 6m centres.

Strips are cast alternately with the infill strips laid a few days later once the first strips have gone off sufficiently.  

As the forms can be adjusted in height to high tolerances and the distance between them is limited this methodology allows for the casting of very high flatness tolerance floors.  

The joints are often designed so that they fall below and in line with the racking, this has a 2 fold effect, the aisle flatness that can be achieved is very high as it occurs in the middle of the panel and the joints do not need to be armoured to proect them from trafficking.  

Long strip construction is slower and more labour intensive than the large area pour methods.

Long Strip Floor Construction


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