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Mesh Sheet


A mesh sheet is a welded rectangular area of mesh reinforcement. The reinforcement across a whole slab is made up of many sheets, also known as mesh panels.

Technical Information

Because it would be impractical to manufacture and transport a single unit of steel mesh big enough to cover an entire slab panel, mesh reinforcement comes in smaller sheets instead. The standard size of a sheet is 2.4 x 4.8m, however this can vary.

Where one sheet ends and another begins in a floor slab, it is necessary to make them overlap to ensure the minimum required reinforcement is maintained throughout. To make the areas of overlap less awkward to work with, most sheets have flying ends along two of their edges.

A sheet is placed on spacers when installed to hold it in place as the concrete is cast around it. Mesh sheets are tied to one another with wire to stop the mesh kicking up and potentially causing restraint. 



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