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Mobile Pallet Racking


Mobile pallet racking has a mobile chassis which can run along floor mounted rails.

Technical Information

Mobile pallet racks are driven by electric motors so that each aisle can be opened up to access individual pallets. This allows a higher storage density compared to a static aisle system. However, it is not possible to access every aisle simultaneously in this system.

The racking applies point loads to the rails and, depending on the stiffness and fixing arrangements of the rails, they either apply a point load or a line load to the slab.

These systems can reach up to 13m in height. The rails can run up to 90m and support up to 24 tons, making this a very versatile storage option.

Care must be taken with these systems to reduce risk of dynamic sway whilst the racking is in motion, as this could result in instability of the goods near the top of the racking.




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