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A mosquito is a small walk-behind power trowel, useful for finishing surfaces close to obstructions, such as walls and columns.

Technical Information

The mosquito is a very useful tool to increase the efficiency of the finishing process for an industrial floor. This is because it reduces the amount of time consuming hand finishing required around the edges of the floor space. The only parts of the floor the blades of a mosquito can’t reach are corners, which still have to be finished by hand.

The reason it is so useful for finishing the surface close to obstructions is its purpose-designed guard, which has the following features:

  • It only extends a few millimetres beyond the end of the blades, meaning that the blades will work the surface as close to the obstruction as possible.
  • It rotates freely, meaning that it can stay in contact with the surface of the obstruction whilst moving along it. This allows the blades to work the surface even closer to the obstruction and not wall upon which it rests.




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