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A profileograph is a mechanical device used to measure longitudinal and transverse profiles in a VNA. The data is collected digitally and interpreted to determine the floor class.

Technical Information


The type of profileograph required to define the levelness and flatness of the floor depends on which standards need to be adhered to. There are currently three types of profileograph which adhere to the British, American or German floor flatness specifications.

The profileographs have the ability to measure:

  • TR 34 Floor Properties
  • Superflat
  • VDMA
  • DIN 15185
  • ACI Fmin
  • EN 15620 

The self-propelled profileograph will move down the VNA, with its wheels replicating the path of a VNA truck’s wheels. Once the profileograph has finished surveying, it can output the results of the longitudinal and transverse differences of surface level in the aisle in an easy to read colour graph. 

 The profileograph was developed by Face.

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