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Vibrating Handheld Screed


The vibrating handheld screed is a manually operated piece of equipment used to screed a freshly laid concrete slab.

Technical Information

This is the simplest powered screeding tool. It consists of a T frame with a metal screed bar at its base and is made to vibrate with a small motor. The screed bar is generally around 3m in length. Thanks to the vibration provided by the motor, the screed bar is easy to move and so reduces physical labour and risk of injury. The vibrations also work to compact the concrete.

The operator pulls the screed backwards over the fresh concrete in long strips.

This is the cheapest powered method of screeding a slab. However, the level of flatness achieved by this method is completely dependent on the skill of the operator and it isn’t very fast. Therefore, it is not often used for industrial concrete flooring.


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