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The main function of a wall is to provide shelter to the interior of the structure from the outdoor elements.  In modern structures, they do not usually have a structural function.

Technical Information

Walls can be built on a footing which is below ground level to provide it with some stability and stop it from overturning. They also receive support from the steel frame, which they are connected to.

In warehouses, it is common for the perimeter wall to be formed out of insulated cladding panels, supported on light gauge steel sections spanning between the internal columns.

Where an industrial unit is to be split into multiple chambers, internal walls are constructed, sometimes taking support off the slab itself.  In these cases, the load from the wall must be considered in the slab design and joints must be located to avoid sitting directly below wall lines to avoid potential fixing issues, as well as to avoid problems related to slab movement during drying shrinkage.



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