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Wearing Surface


A wearing surface is the top surface of a concrete slab, on which the racking and traffic operate; it can consist of the original concrete floor, screeds, dry shake toppings or a polished finish etc.

Technical Information

The wearing surface must be able to:
  • Withstand abrasion
  • Resist chemical attack
  • Resist cracking
  • Minimise crazing
  • Prevent delamination
  • Suppress visual presence of surface aggregate and fibres

After placement and period of set, the concrete slab is power trowelled to provide a strong and resistant wearing surface, after which a curing membrane will be applied and the floor will be ready for use following the concrete design strength being achieved.

Depending on certain factors (desired appearance / type of facility / degradation of existing wearing surface), alternative finishes can be applied to the slab such as screeds and resin coatings, which would then be classed as the wearing surface.

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