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The workability of a concrete mix relates to its ability to be transported, placed and consolidated without excessive segregation. It can also mean the mix’s ability to overcome its internal frictional forces whilst moving i.e. its ability to flow.

Technical Information

Workability is an important property of concrete pre-placement as it affects the ease of transportation, discharge / pumping, placing and compaction of the concrete.

Some common examples of tests to determine the workability of a concrete mix are:

  • Slump test
  • Flow table test
  • Vebe test

As workability is such a broadly defined physical property, there are many different types of tests to determine more specific properties of workability.

Some ways in which workability can be increased are:

  • Using certain cement replacing materials
  • Using a plasticiser or superplasticiser
  • Adding more water to the mix (this has adverse effects; as increasing water / cement ratio, will increase the concrete’s porosity) 

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