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June 20, 2016Volumetric MixerVA volumetric mixer is a truck which stores concrete constituent materials and has the ability to then mix them on-site.
June 20, 2016Vibro Stone ColumnVA vibro stone column is a type pile formed from graded aggregates; used to diminish settlement and increase bearing capacity of a soft soil.
June 20, 2016Vibration PokerVA vibration poker is used to compact concrete just after placement, particularly along the slab edges and around columns / pits etc, where a laser scr
June 20, 2016Vibrating Handheld ScreedVThe vibrating handheld screed is a manually operated piece of equipment used to screed a freshly laid concrete slab.
June 20, 2016Vebe TestVThe Vebe test is used to measure the workability of fresh concrete. Also referred to as the Vee-Bee test.
June 20, 2016Truss ScreedTA truss screed is a piece of equipment used to screed a concrete floor slab.
June 20, 2016TrowellingTTrowelling is the process of squeezing water out of a concrete surface to form a smooth, dense crust.
June 20, 2016Trimming ReinforcementTTrimming reinforcement can be installed in a concrete floor panel at re-entrant corners to control the widths and propagation of cracks which may form
June 20, 2016TraffickingTTrafficking is the word used to describe the movement of an object across a concrete floor’s surface.
June 20, 2016Thermal Expansion and ContractionTThermal expansion and contraction is the lengthening and shortening of concrete panel due to a change in temperature.
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