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July 15, 2013Bump CuttingBBump Cutting - The process of using a highway straight edge to remove high spots when levelling the surface of a floor during construction.
July 15, 2013Block StackingBBlock Stacking - Unit loads, typically pallet loads, paper reels, or similar goods, stacked directly on a floor, usually one on top of another.
July 15, 2013BayBBay - Area of concrete defined by formwork.
July 15, 2013ArrisAThe term arris is used to describe the right angled corner of a joint or crack between the slab top surface and the side of the joint/crack.
July 15, 2013APRAAPR - Adjustable pallet racking.
July 15, 2013Armoured JointAArmoured Joint - Steel protection to joint arises.
July 15, 2013Aggregate InterlockAAggregate Interlock - Mechanism transfering load across a crack in concrete by means of interlocking between irregular aggregate and cement surfaces.
July 12, 2013Abrasion ResistanceAAbrasion Resistance - The ability of the floor surface to withstand the abrasion produced by long term use of the floor.
July 12, 2013AbrasionAAbrasion - Wearing of the concrete surface by rubbing, rolling, sliding, cutting or impact forces.
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