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July 12, 2013AbrasionAAbrasion - Wearing of the concrete surface by rubbing, rolling, sliding, cutting or impact forces.
July 12, 2013Abrasion ResistanceAAbrasion Resistance - The ability of the floor surface to withstand the abrasion produced by long term use of the floor.
April 19, 2016Accelerating AdmixtureAAn accelerating admixture (or accelerator) is a chemical which can be added to a concrete mix to speed up the hydration process.
April 19, 2016Acid EtchingAAcid etching is a type of surface treatment in which acid is used to remove laitance and profile the surface of a concrete slab.
April 8, 2016AdmixtureAAn admixture is an addition to the batched concrete mix (normally a chemical) which alters its properties whilst it is fresh or after it has hardened.
August 13, 2013AggregateAMost Concrete is made from natural aggregates that are specified to conform to the requirements of EN 12620 and the UK guidance document, PD 6682-1.
April 19, 2016Aggregate GradingAAggregate grading is a measure of how well distributed the sizes of the particles in an aggregate are. A well graded aggregate will have a good range
July 15, 2013Aggregate InterlockAAggregate Interlock - Mechanism transfering load across a crack in concrete by means of interlocking between irregular aggregate and cement surfaces.
May 24, 2016Aggregate ShadowingAAggregate shadowing is the development of dark spots on the surface of a recently laid concrete floor slab.
April 19, 2016AgitationAIn construction, agitation is the act of mechanically disturbing fresh concrete.
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