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May 24, 2016Back SightBIn levelling, a back sight is taken immediately after the optical level is moved to a new location.
May 24, 2016Bar DowelBBar dowels are steel bars used to provide load transfer at a joints.
June 21, 2016Base SpecificationBIn concrete industrial flooring, a base specification is a document given by the Client to the slab’s designers which gives details of what is require
May 24, 2016Batching PlantBA batching plant is the location where ready-mix concrete is mixed.
July 15, 2013BayBBay - Area of concrete defined by formwork.
December 10, 2015Bending MomentBA bending moment is the reaction in a structural element when external forces cause the element to bend. It can be measured in kNm.
May 24, 2016BlanketBA blanket is an insulative layer used to retain heat and moisture in concrete during curing.
May 24, 2016BleedingBBleeding is a form of segregation where water rises to the top of freshly placed, curing concrete.
July 15, 2013Block StackingBBlock Stacking - Unit loads, typically pallet loads, paper reels, or similar goods, stacked directly on a floor, usually one on top of another.
May 24, 2016British StandardsBBritish Standards are a set of design standards developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI).
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