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May 24, 2016CADCComputer Aided Design is an invaluable tool for an engineer to produce accurate technical drawings.
May 24, 2016Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H)CCalcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) is the main end-product of the hydration process of cement and provides concrete with most of its final strength.
August 6, 2013Cantilever RackingCCantilever Racks - Are used to store long loads and are sometimes referred to as "bar racks".
May 24, 2016Capping LayerCA capping layer is installed to reduce the effect of a weak subgrade on the structural performance of a ground supported concrete floor.
May 24, 2016CarbonationCCarbonation is a reaction that occurs between carbon dioxide from the air and calcium hydroxide in concrete. It contributes to the corrosion of steel
August 13, 2013CementCCement with fly ash, ground granulated blastfurnace slag, or silica fume are primarily specified with reference to EN 197-1 and BS 8500.
May 25, 2016Cement Replacing MaterialsCMaterials which can slightly alter and improve the properties of concrete. Most cement replacing materials are categorised as pozzolans.
April 27, 2016Chair/SpacerCA chair / spacer is a small object used to support steel mesh reinforcement at a fixed elevation during the construction of a concrete slab.
August 5, 2013Chemical ResistanceCChemical Resistance - Chemical attack on concrete floors usually arises from the spillage of aggressive chemicals.
August 6, 2013Clad Rack StructuresCA clad rack structure is a warehouse where the structural framework supporting the walls and roof is provided by the racking.
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