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August 9, 2013Early Thermal ContractionEEarly Thermal Contraction - If the rate of heat generated by cement hydration reduces, there will be net cooling and the concrete will contract.
May 31, 2016Effective Depth (d)EThe effective depth (d) of a reinforced concrete floor slab is the distance from the compression face to the centre of the tensile steel when an eleme
May 31, 2016Effective SpanEThe effective span is used to calculate the flexural resistance of an element.
May 31, 2016EfflorescenceEEfflorescence is a process by which soluble compounds are leached out of concrete, leaving a white deposit on the surface.
May 31, 2016Elastic/Plastic DeformationEWhen designing a structure, an engineer will consider two types of deformation; elastic and plastic.
July 16, 2013Elevational DifferenceEElevational Difference - The difference in height between two points.
July 16, 2013End UserEEnd User - The party who uses the building and floor in service. The user may not be the client or the owner
May 31, 2016Engineering StrainEStrain is a measure of the magnitude of a deformation caused by a stress. Engineering strain is a slightly simplified measure of true strain, used by
May 31, 2016Engineering StressEWhen a material has a force applied to it, it produces a stress. This stress deforms the material. Engineering stress is a slightly simplified version
November 12, 2015Epoxy MortarEEpoxy Mortar is a high strength epoxy resin based mortar for the repair of joints and surface defects on concrete floor slabs.
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