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August 20, 2013F Speed ReaderFF Speed Reader - Method of testing a floor to the ASTM E1155 F number system.
July 16, 2013Fabric Mesh ReinforcementFFabric Mesh Reinforcement - is made up of steel bars placed at regular centres in perpendicular directions to create a mesh of steel bars.
May 31, 2016Fabric ReinforcementFFabric reinforcement is typically used in ground supported concrete floors, composed of a set grid of reinforcement bars prefabricated into a sheet.
May 31, 2016FallFA fall is an engineered slope in a concrete floor which allows drainage of fluids from the area.
May 31, 2016False SetFA false set is a stiffening of fresh concrete after mixing or placement. The original plasticity of the concrete can be restored by mixing.
May 31, 2016FatFFat is a term used to describe the excess concrete paste found on top of a concrete slab after it has been placed and compacted.
May 31, 2016FatigueFFatigue is the reduction in structural capacity of an element due to loading and unloading cycles.
May 31, 2016Fine AggregateFFine aggregate is used in multiple construction applications, including concrete construction.
May 31, 2016FinishingFFinishing is the act of preparing the exposed surface of a concrete slab for its intended use.
May 31, 2016Finite Element AnalysisFFinite element analysis is a computer-based numerical method used to design and check structures.
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