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CoGripedia your encyclopedia of terms used in the industrial flooring industry.

June 2, 2016Heat of HydrationHHeat of hydration is the release of heat during concrete curing.
June 13, 2016High and Low PointsH‘High point’ and ‘low point’ are general terms used to describe ‘peaks and troughs’ on the surface of a concrete floor.
June 13, 2016Highway StraightedgeHA highway straightedge is a tool used to screed concrete floors. It is also referred to as a paver’s straightedge.
June 13, 2016HoneycombingHHoneycombing is where coarse aggregate is exposed at the surface of a formed joint in a concrete element.
August 21, 2013Humidity TestingHHumidity Testing - Checks whether the moisture level of the concrete slab or screed has reduced to a value where flooring can be safely laid.
June 13, 2016HydrationHHydration is the process of cement reacting with water to form a single, solid mass.
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