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June 13, 2016LapLShort for overlap, lap is a term used to define the region in which two sections of reinforcement overlap in reinforced concrete construction.
July 16, 2013Large Area Construction - JointedLLarge Pour Construction (Jointed) - Large floors up to several thousand square metres in area can be laid in a continuous operation.
July 16, 2013Large Area Construction - JointlessLLarge Area Construction (Jointless) - Relies on the restraint being minimised to allow the shrinkage to occur at the formed free movement joints only.
June 16, 2016Large PourLLarge pour is the fastest, least accurate method of placing a concrete floor.
August 19, 2013Laser Grinder®LLaser Grinder® - Precision concrete floor grinding in very narrow aisle warehouses.
August 19, 2013Laser Grinder® XPTLThe Laser Grinder® XPT (Extra Precision Technology) is the latest generation of Laser Grinder®.
June 16, 2016Laser ScreedLA laser screed is a machine used to screed large areas of concrete floor rapidly.
July 17, 2013LevelnessLLevelness - Surface Regularity over a longer distance, typically 3m, and to datum.
June 16, 2016Limit State DesignLThe purpose of limit state design is to ensure a structure performs under the maximum permissible load and that during normal working conditions remai
July 16, 2013Line LoadsLLine Loads - A load which acts uniformly over a length in one direction is a line load.
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