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CoGripedia your encyclopedia of terms used in the industrial flooring industry.

June 16, 2016Managing ExpectationsMWhen designing and constructing an industrial concrete floor slab, it is important to manage the client’s expectations about what can be delivered in
August 8, 2013MembranesMMembranes - The main purpose of a membrane is to reduce the friction between the slab and the sub-base.
June 16, 2016Mesh SheetMA mesh sheet is a welded rectangular area of mesh reinforcement. The reinforcement across a whole slab is made up of many sheets, also known as mesh p
July 17, 2013MezzanineMMezzanine - Raised area, e.g. for offices; typically a steel frame on baseplates supported off the floor.
July 17, 2013MHEMMaterials Handling Equipment (MHE) is used to carry goods around a warehouse.
August 13, 2013Mix DesignMMix Design should aim to create a homogeneous and moderately cohesive concrete that will not segregate when being compacted and finished.
August 6, 2013Mobile Pallet RackingMMobile pallet racking has a mobile chassis which can run along floor mounted rails.
June 16, 2016Moment CapacityMThe moment capacity is maximum bending moment that can be resisted by an element before it fails in bending.
June 16, 2016MosquitoMA mosquito is a small walk-behind power trowel, useful for finishing surfaces close to obstructions, such as walls and columns.
October 2, 2013Movement Accommodation Factor (MAF)MMovement Accommodation Factor (MAF) - The movement a joint sealant can accept in service expressed as a percentage of its original width.
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