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August 6, 2013Pallet TrucksPPallet trucks are used at floor level for moving single or multiple pallets across a warehouse.
July 17, 2013PanelPA panel is an area of a floor slab bounded by joints.
June 16, 2016PastePPaste consists primarily of cement and water, with the purpose of binding the aggregate in concrete on setting.
June 16, 2016PermeabilityPPermeability measures the ease with which fluids infiltrate concrete.
July 25, 2013Pile HeadPA pile head is an enlarged concrete section constructed over the top of a pile which helps spread the supporting force that the pile exerts on the str
July 17, 2013Pile Supported SlabPA slab is constructed on piles when the ground is too soft to support a ground supported slab.
June 16, 2016PitPPits are designed openings a concrete floor to accommodate sub-surface utilities.
June 16, 2016PitchPPitch is a term used to describe the spacing between bars in mesh reinforcement or the distance between loose bar reinforcement.
August 9, 2013Plastic ShrinkagePPlastic Shrinkage - The main cause is rapid drying of the exposed concrete surface.
June 16, 2016Plasticisers and SuperplasticisersPPlasticisers and superplasticisers are chemicals which can be added to a concrete mix to increase its workability, without affecting the water / cemen
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