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CoGripedia your encyclopedia of terms used in the industrial flooring industry.

August 15, 2013Cleaning MaterialsCCleaning Materials - Many are a complex blend of chemicals and some have specific application requirements.
July 16, 2013ClientCClient - The party who commissions the building and employs a principal contractor to build it.
May 25, 2016ClinkerCClinker forms the majority of Portland cement.
May 6, 2016CoGri Arris Repair MortarCCoGri Arris Repair Mortar in a resin based mortar, used for the repair of concrete industrial floors.
April 28, 2016CoGri BondcoatCCoGri Bondcoat is used as a bonding primer for use with CoGri Arris Repair Mortar, where the highest bond values are required.
November 13, 2015CoGri Rapid MenderCCoGri Rapid Mender is a specially formulated polymer rapid repair mortar, ideal for quick, long lasting repairs on a concrete floor slab.
December 10, 2015CoGri Rapid SealCThe CoGri Rapid Seal is a self-levelling 100% solids, flexible, two component, rapid curing polyurea elastomer joint sealant.
May 25, 2016Cold Joint FormationCA cold joint occurs where there is a time delay between the placements of two concrete batches, causing the initial pour to slightly set thus creating
May 25, 2016Cold Store FloorsCA cold store floor is a floor in a warehouse which is refrigerated in order to preserve the goods which it is storing.
November 12, 2015Coloured PigmentCColoured Pigment is added to a material to provide its colour.
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