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June 2, 2016Flash-SetFA flash set is the irreversible rapid initiation of hydration in fresh concrete shortly after mixing.
June 2, 2016FloatingFFloating is the process of further settling aggregate and allowing fat to rise to the surface in a concrete floor. It also helps to remove slight impe
July 16, 2013FloorFFloor - The complete structure, consisting of several slabs.
August 15, 2013Floor CleaningFA regular cleaning regime is an essential part of the maintenance of a concrete floor during its working life.
July 16, 2013Floor ContractorFFloor Contractor - The contractor or subcontractor responsible for the construction of the floor.
July 16, 2013Floor DesignerFFloor Designer - The party responsible for the structural design and detailing of the floor.
July 16, 2013Floor FlatnessFFloor Flatness - Surface regularity over short distances.
June 21, 2016Floor MaintenanceFA pro-active approach to floor maintenance during the lifecycle of the floor slab can help improve operation performance and prevent expensive and tim
August 15, 2013Floor SpillagesFFloor Spillages - Spillages of any liquid should be wiped up or absorbed and removed as quickly as possible.
June 2, 2016Flow Table TestFThe flow table test is a test carried out on freshly mixed concrete to ascertain its workability.
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