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August 6, 2013Drive-in RackingDDrive-in racking enables MHE to move within the racks, getting rid of the need for aisles.
August 20, 2013Drop TestingDDrop Testing - Measures the soundness of a screed floor to help determine whether certain factors make a screed unsatisfactory.
August 12, 2013Dry Shake ToppingsdA dry shake topping is a thin cementitious layer which can be added to the top of a slab following the initial laying of the concrete.
August 9, 2013Drying ShrinkageDDrying Shrinkage - All concrete shrinks as the water in the concrete evaporates to the atmosphere.
May 31, 2016DustingDDusting is the formation of powder on the upper surface of a concrete floor due to the disintegration of the top layer of material.
May 31, 2016Dynamic LoadDA dynamic load is caused by any load which can vary location and or magnitude over time.
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