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July 24, 2013RackingRRacking - Systems of frames and beams for storage, usually of pallets.
July 26, 2013Racking Leg LoadsRRacking Leg Loads - Loads imposed upon the floor surface from the uprights of loaded racking.
September 9, 2013Rail GuidanceRRail guidance is used to improve the accuracy of the movement of an MHE in a VNA.
August 6, 2013Reach TrucksRReach Truck - Pick up and deposit pallets by means of a moving mast that reaches forward of the load wheels.
June 17, 2016Ready-Mix ConcreteRReady-mix concrete is manufactured at a batching plant and transported to site by an agitator truck.
June 17, 2016Recycled AggregateRRecycled aggregate is crushed concrete reclaimed from previous structures.
June 17, 2016Re-Entrant CornerRIn a concrete slab panel, re-entrant corner is a corner which points into the interior of the panel.
June 17, 2016Reference GridRA reference grid is used in surveying to show where each piece of surveying data collected corresponds to.
July 18, 2013ReinforcementRReinforcement is added to concrete to improve its performance.
June 17, 2016Reinforcement ScheduleRA reinforcement schedule is a spreadsheet sent to a reinforcement supplier / fabricator specifying the type and quantity of loose bar and custom mesh
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