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August 16, 2013Sand Cement ScreedSSand and Cement Screed is a semi-dry system which makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls.
October 2, 2013Sawn Free Movement JointSSawn Free Movement Joint - Debonded dowels are placed prior to casting so that once the slab is cast cuts can be sawn into the slab to form a joint.
July 24, 2013Sawn JointsSSawn Joints - Joints designed to allow limited movement to relieve shrinkage-induced stresses in a slab at predetermined positions.
October 2, 2013Sawn Restrained Movement JointsSSawn Restrained Movement Joints - Formed by cutting a slab to include cracks which divide a slab into panels relieving shrinkage stresses in a slab.
May 3, 2016ScabblingSA scabbling is used to reduce high spots in concrete floors or as a method to mechanically prepare the surface of a concrete floor.
July 26, 2013Scheme DesignerSScheme Designer - Employed by client or principal contractor who is responsible for the overall design and specification of the building and floor.
June 19, 2016ScreedSScreed is a word that can be used in various ways in the concrete floor industry.
June 19, 2016Screed (verb)SScreeding is the levelling of the surface of a concrete slab shortly after it has been placed.
June 19, 2016SegregationSSegregation is the separation of the different types of particles in a fresh concrete mix due to a difference in their properties.
June 19, 2016Self-Smoothing ScreedsSSelf Smoothing Screeds can be cementitious or resin screeds that are mixed to a fluid consistency and flow applied on to the substrate.
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