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July 25, 2013Table 4.2TTable 4.2 - Outlining the allowable values of the properties II and IV for the free movement specifications FM1, FM2 and FM3.
July 25, 2013Table 4.3TTable 4.3 - Outlining the allowable values of the properties of the defined movement classifications superflat, Category I and Category II.
July 25, 2013Table 4.4TTable 4.4 - Outlining the allowable values of properties II and IV for the free movement specifications FM2 (special)
July 25, 2013TangTTang - Shear stud or fitting on armoured joint to provide bond to adjacent concrete.
June 20, 2016Technical Report 34 (TR34)TTechnical Report 34 is a guide to the design and construction of industrial concrete ground floors, published by The Concrete Society.
June 20, 2016The Concrete SocietyTThe Concrete Society is an independent body in the UK dedicated to providing up to date information and technical guidance to users of concrete in all
June 20, 2016Thermal CrackingTThermal cracking is caused by a temperature difference across the depth of a concrete slab during hydration, resulting in uneven shrinkage.
June 20, 2016Thermal Expansion and ContractionTThermal expansion and contraction is the lengthening and shortening of concrete panel due to a change in temperature.
July 25, 2013Tied JointTA tied joint restrains movement between individual panels.
July 25, 2013ToughnessTToughness - Alternative term to ductility (Which is the preferred term), used with reference to steel fibre reinforced concrete.
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