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June 20, 2016WallWThe main function of a wall is to provide shelter to the interior of the structure from the outdoor elements. In modern structures, they do not usual
June 20, 2016Wash Out TestWThe wash out test is a field test carried out to determine the concentration of steel fibre reinforcement in a concrete batch.
April 8, 2016Water Cement RatioWThe water to cement ratio is the ratio of the weight of water to the weight of cement in a fresh concrete mix.
August 13, 2013Water Reducing AdmixturesWWater Reducing Admixtures - Used to reduce the free water content for a given concrete consistence.
June 20, 2016Wearing SlabWA wearing slab is a structural concrete element providing a flat and level wearing surface to withstand loads, heat and vibration.
July 29, 2013Wearing SurfaceWA wearing surface is the top surface of a concrete slab, on which the racking and traffic operate; it can consist of the original concrete floor, scre
June 2, 2016Westergaard (Harold M.)WHarold Westergaard was a Danish structural engineer who pioneered many structural and geotechnical concepts used today in concrete flooring.
May 3, 2016Wheel Track GrindingWWheel track grinding is carried out in very narrow aisles (VNA) in the wheel paths of VNA forklift trucks to remove surface irregularities in the conc
May 3, 2016Whole Aisle Width GrindingWWhole aisle width grinding is carried out in very narrow aisles (VNA) to remove surface irregularities in the concrete, thereby enabling safe and effi
July 29, 2013Wide AisleWWide Aisle - Aisle between racking or areas of block stacking where the MHE does not move in a defined path, but can move in any direction.
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