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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning - also known as 3D Scanning, is a non-destructive, non-contact method of capturing floor surface regularity using laser imaging technology.

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G2P Robotics – Goods to Person Robotics

G2P Robotics – Goods to Person Robotics - G2P robotics are Goods to Person robots such as AMR's (Autonomous Mobile Robots), ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). G2P is predominantly used by automated warehouse and fulfilment centres within the manufacturing, distribution, grocery, and eCommerce industries.

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VDMA Standard

Property A

VDMA Standard - VDMA is the Association of German Machine and Plant Construction (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.) which publishes industry standards, including those used to describe floor levelness and flatness for:

  • Guided VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Industrial Trucks and other Industrial Trucks travelling with elevated loads (see EN 1726- 2/ prEN ISO/DIS 3691-3)
  • Operator positions inside very narrow aisles, or near racking in wide aisles.

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Wire Guidance

Wire Guidance

Wire Guidance - Wire guidance is installed to help steer Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) in Very Narrow Aisles (VNAs). Fork Lift Trucks identify the wire through sensors on the bottom of the vehicles at either end. The sensors detect the low frequency signal emitted from the wire embedded in the floor and transmit this data to a connected control system. The control system then automatically steers the vehicle down the aisle once it is locked in place as it enters the aisle.

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Material Handling Equipment (MHE)

MHE - Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) is used to carry goods around a warehouse.

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Yield Strength

Yield Strength - Yield Strength of a material is the amount of stress it can take before it begins to deform plastically.

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Workability - The workability of a concrete mix relates to its ability to be transported, placed and consolidated without excessive segregation. It can also mean the mix’s ability to overcome its internal frictional forces whilst moving i.e. its ability to flow.

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Wide Bay Pour

Wide Bay Pour - Wide bay pours are an increasingly common method of constructing an industrial concrete floor where a Defined Movement flatness classification is required.

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