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VDMA Standard


VDMA Standard - VDMA is the Association of German Machine and Plant Construction (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.) which publishes industry standards, including those used to describe floor levelness and flatness for:
  • Guided Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Industrial Trucks and other Industrial Trucks travelling with elevated loads (see EN 1726- 2/ prEN ISO/DIS 3691-3)
  • Operator positions inside very narrow aisles, or near racking in wide aisles.

Technical Information

Property A

The VDMA guidelines within ‘Floors for use with VNA Trucks’ has been written for 3 properties of surface regularity:

  1. Transverse properties describe the differences in elevation between the centres of the front load wheels of a forklift truck, in millimetres. This method of measurement is the same in all defined movement traffic specifications.

    The diagram shows the transverse elevational control.

  2. LongitudinalIn accordance with DIN 15185
    The longitudinal property of DIN 15185 is based around a straight edge of variable lengths, derived from the DIN 18202 specification.

    DIN 15185 provides two methods of checking a floor. A gap under a straight edge, or the departure at the mid-point from a mean line between two points a given distance apart.

  3. Longitudinal micro small wavelength‘Fx’ number.

    A Longitudinal micro small wavelength measurement or ‘Fx’ number is calculated using an ‘Fx’ meter to measure, within a fraction of a millimetre, slope change between two elevations readings, 50mm apart.

    The ‘Fx’ meter has 9 steel wheels on three axles, with each wheel measuring 40mm diameter, and the edge being tapered to a width of 0.5mm.

To date, unlike other defined movement specifications, the VDMA guidelines have had very little validation.

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