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Demarcation Line Marking


Demarcation Line Marking - lines marking the divisions between safety and potential danger, making them one of the most important and powerful safety tools. These can define the walkways from the roadways, the racking areas from the aisles, the escape routes from the transfer areas, the stacking areas from the loading bays.

Technical Information

Demarcation Line Marking

Demarcation line marking is an excellent way to help improve bulk storage and safety in the workplace using a well considered floor marking layout. Combining the use of coloured lines, lettering and signs it can help:

  • Define traffic routes for pedestrians and vehicular access;
  • Provide a visual aid for MHE drivers; Indicate prohibited areas;
  • Identify escape routes;
  • Highlight parking and loading bays;
  • Indicate areas in which certain PPE must be worn;

There are a few Demarcation Line Marking options available with longevity categorised by the level of surface preparation carried out before applying the lines:

  • Unprepared Line Marking – applying a paint system directly on to the concrete substrate. The performance of this type of floor marking is limited;
  • Prepared Line Marking – mechanically cleaning the concrete substrate by shot-blasting or diamond grinding to provide a key for the floor paint to bond to. Has a moderate performance and can last for a number of years if well maintained;
  • Diamond Shaved – a channel is ‘shaved’ into the concrete between 1mm – 3mm at a predetermined width. The channel is then filled with a hard wearing resin system that is finished flush with the profile of the surrounding floor surface, leaving a smooth transition for the MHE to pass over. The most durable line marking system available;

Most demarcation lines are applied on top of the concrete floor and as such will wear away over time, with service conditions determining how long the lines will last. With the Diamond Shaved demarcation lines it is important to consider any changes to the current and future operational layout of the floor. Although extremely durable they are embedded into the concrete floor and changes to the layout could result in lines being made redundant which may need to be removed.

Floor Tapes can also be used to provide demarcation lines on a floor. There are a number of adhesive backed tapes available, in a variety of colours, varying in price and performance. Floor tapes are generally cheap and relatively easy to apply and they can be replaced with new at a low cost. Making them an ideal choice for operations who have yet to settle on or are continually changing their floor marking configurations.

A pro-active cleaning and maintenance routine can help prolong the life span of the line marking system. Dirt and debris act as an abrasive under the hard moving wheels of forklift trucks, which can ultimately breach the integrity of the floor marking material. Therefore removing it should be considered a priority.

Demarcation lines can be removed by mechanical means or by using eco friendly soya based cleaning products.

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