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Laser Grinder®


Laser Grinder® - The Laser Grinder® is a machine used for precision concrete floor grinding, typically in warehouse defined movement areas such as Very Narrow Aisles (VNA).

Technical Information

CoGri Laser Grinder

Floor flatness in VNA is very important; irregularities at floor level are magnified in direct proportion to the height of the racking, meaning just a small floor variance could cause the VNA forklift truck to strike the racking.
The Laser Grinder® removes these irregularities from the concrete, allowing VNA forklift trucks to be operated safely and efficiently.

Diamond tipped grinding blades are fitted to the Laser Grinder® and adjusted to suit the wheel footprint of the VNA forklift truck. Flat and level tracks are then ground into the floor for the forklift truck wheels to run in. Alternatively, the whole width of the aisle can be ground to accommodate trucks of any wheel configuration.

A laser levelling system is used to control the Laser Grinder®, making it accurate to fractions of a millimetre. This ensures compliance with all international defined movement floor flatness specifications.

Grinding can be carried out during the construction process of new buildings, or retrospectively in existing buildings. The Laser Grinder® has an on-board water tank to keep the grinding blades cool and eliminate airborne dust. This allows normal warehouse operations to continue around the grinding process, even next to sensitive stock such as food or pharmaceuticals without any risk of contamination.

The Laser Grinder® was invented by Concrete Grinding Ltd in the early 1990’s and they remain the owner/operator of the system.

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